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Investment Mandate

The Fund invests in an approximately equal-weight, diversified portfolio of large-capitalization technology companies. Equal weight approach means no large exposure to any single issuer; foreign currency exposure substantially hedged back to the Canadian dollar.

Attractive Monthly Distributions
Monthly distribution of $0.054 per unit, funded through dividends and covered call writing on up to 33% of the portfolio.

Canadians are Underweight Tech
Tech is among the smallest sectors within the S&P/TSX 60, but is the largest S&P 500 sector. Investors need to look beyond Canada for exposure to this important global sector.

Tech Positioned to Benefit from Demographics and Increased Adoption of Technology
The Manager believes there are several long-term trends driving growth in the Techology sector - demographics and the increased adoption of technology.  The burgeoning millennial population, the first digital generation in history, is entering their peak spending years.  Companies are increasingly required to "digitize" their business and adopt disruptive technology to keep pace with ever-changing market demands and consumer preferences.

Long Term Value Given Balance of Growth and Quality
Relative to other sectors, many technology companies offer compelling value at current levels given their unique blend of longer term growth characteristics coupled with defensive properties such as strong balance sheets, recurring revenue models, and healthy dividend yields supported by considerable free cash flow generation.

Low Fees
Management fee of 0.75% of net asset value per annum.

Experienced Manager
Managed by Brompton Funds Limited, an investment fund manager since 2002.

TSX listing
Annual redemptions
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Investor Resources

Commentary - December 31, 2017

Summary / Brochure - December 31, 2017

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Total Assets (Jan 31, 2018)

$41 million

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